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    Developed by Brendan Brazier, Thrive Forward is a FREE, personalized online program to help transform your health through plant-based nutrition. Once registered, you’ll be able to:

    • Learn from experts on how to eat, train and cook to promote optimal health
    • Explore video lessons relevant to you—be it energy, sleep, body composition, strength and endurance training, easy ways to prepare plant-based meals at home, or even how to eat more sustainably
    • Dive into recipes, meal plans and a wealth of supplemental materials
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  • Free Starter eBook.

    Register now to get your FREE Thrive Forward 101 Starter eBook. This eBook offers a small taste of the materials you’ll find with each lesson:

    • Get a clear snapshot of where you are today by completing the 5 Day Self-Assessment Journal.
    • Dip your toe into a new morning routine and experiment with your take on the Blank Canvas Smoothie.
    • Try on a few of the five energy-boosting tips as you kick-start your journey to thriving on clean nutrition.
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  • Thrive Forward Contributors.

    Lead by Brendan Brazier, Thrive Forward was developed by a team of nutritionists, athletes and health educators who are leaders in the clean plant-based nutrition.

    Thrive Forward Contributors
  • #ThriveKitchen Contest.

    Inspire your community with your creation. Share your favorite plant-based meals with the world. Tweet or Instagram your shots and see how others are transforming their health, one plant-based meal at a time. Enter to win great prizes by sharing inspirational pictures of your favorite plant-based meals!

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When you sign up you’ll receive:

  • 13 chapters, 40+ video lessons, and a personalized learn-at-your-own-pace lesson plan to help you navigate a wealth of ideas (without getting lost)
  • Emailed tips: helpful take-away tips reinforce what you’re learning, and encourage you to make changes that work with your life
  • Action items: apply what you learn in each lesson, and share tips and tricks with others in this adventure with you
  • Supplemental materials: including recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, charts, printable reference guides, in-depth articles, and more
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